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did you know you can’t “POP your cherry”?  In this video i talk about:

what the hymen really is
how this myth is some sexist bullshit
and how to deal with your hymen the 1st time you have sex.


I will always reblog this because for every person that knows the truth, there are like a hundred that don’t.

"I thought you would understand me.”
Jessica & Hoyt, 7x09


characters that go through hell yet still believe in the goodness of humanity, still hope for the best despite everything, refuse to let darkness consume them because someone somewhere is always going to be good are literally my favourite, because they give me that little hope too

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someday ima write a thing about this bullshit delusion that fandom is a safe and welcoming space for all women when really it’s primarily a space for white women to act out racist and racially misogynistic fantasies at the expense of everyone else and how even when we get a character like Guinevere or Braeden or Abbie Mills, Black and Brown women have to spend all this time defending these characters’ right to exist and cleaning hate out of their tags and explaining to willfully ignorant white women that yes, wanting a WOC to die or be desexual is in fact racist and misogynistic WHO KNEW, so much so that the time we can actually spend ENJOYING fandom and writing fic and spinning headcanons and making art and doing all the other things that ~fun and inclusive~ fandom spaces are supposed to facilitate is severely hampered and we can’t even have escapist spaces because y’all r racist and sexist as fuck but I’m tired


I won’t be happy until female characters stop getting treated like shit by fandoms when all males are loved, even those who do really shitty things bye

The nicest people I’ve ever met were covered in tattoos and piercings and the most judgemental people I’ve ever met are the ones that go to church every Sunday.
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